Videogame Voiceover

Videogames are great fun to play but I find them more fun to voice. Finding and working with the right voice for your game character sets the tone of the game and ensures that players interact with the game. The audio really draws the player into the story and sets the scene. This is where I come in and can help you.

I’m Lorraine Ansell, UK based voiceover artist and I have worked on over 15 games as well as a large number of characters with my warm, fun, characterful voice. I love to bring characters to life and having worked on a few games jams as well, I am able to bring realism to each role. From being a terrified bystander to being the lead or investigation freak in games such as Paradise Killer and Elemental Flow, I have voiced a whole variety of characters as well as providing emotes and breathing for various projects. 


Cometh the hour, cometh the Video Game Trailer

Everyone loves a murder mystery and this whodunnit is stylish, fun and great to play. I recently voiced the trailer for Paradise Killer and what an entertaining game this is! Check out the trailer and also have a go at the demo. The question is, can you figure it out? This game is getting amazing reviews - on Steam now!

“An interesting aspect of Paradise Killer is how well thought-through some of the principles underlying it are, being rooted in the nuance of real-life investigations. ...Rarely do you come across such unvarnished excitement surrounding the minutiae of a game’s structure.”

What makes a good VO for video games?

To produce quality game voice audio it’s important to be versatile. The emphasis is not only on being a voice over but more on acting. It’s about being able to do a range of character voices, foreign accents and plenty of emotes (grunts, groans and screams and my favourite breathing, laughing and crying), often in one sitting. In many cases one actor may be able to do a number voices, playing a range of characters, all within one video game instalment. 

As a bilingual voice over artist I am able to speak fluently in both English and Spanish and I have a knack for accents from further afield. My narration style spans the spectrum from conversational to authoritative and everything in between.

Want to watch some work in progress? This is a video game project for a new games development team. "Ship B’Cursed" is a fun game, find out more by watching this playthrough. Watch as you find out what antics Captain Ron has in store for Sarissa lady thief as they try and get out of the curse. Sarissa is jaded and in need of escaping off the island but she just has to complete one more thing. What will happen? Go on, watch it! 


How can I help?

As each game and character has a different story to tell, it means a unique take on that character to deliver an individual tone and emotional intention. I can record the lines that best suit the character making them believable and magical within your game. 

I use the best broadcast quality equipment and I am available to deliver and record your video game script on a daily basis with a 24 hour turnaround. Please get in touch for further details or to discuss your unique requirements. I’d be very happy to help.


What have I voiced recently?

Over the years, I have collaborated with many gaming clients covering a wide range of gaming voiceover needs. What I particularly love about this job is the variety it brings. I have a popular, versatile voice and have voiced children from as young as 5 years old to old grannies and everything in between.

Hyperstellar is a great mobile game and I am the space computer voice encouring you as you get higher and higher scores.  In Glory to Mantielda I am the News Anchor trying to keep it all together. In Atom Universe I welcome you to the world of fun. And I have also been known to gargle some water and become a little fishy looking for a new dishy. 

I've honed these skills in RADA workshops, in work out groups, in games jams as well as watching and player lots of video games. But my favourite game? Ah easy, Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? Why? Well she is the best Latina character out there.