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  1. These past few months, I have been on a networking frenzy, totally vocally voxed out! If it weren’t for my daily warm-lemon drink and vocal exercises, then I would have lost my voice. However, getting out there and networking is key to growing your business.  Developing your business takes many forms: from design, to invoicing, to showcasing your talents. But it means nothing if you sit around and wait for jobs to roll in. Networking is another tool in your (ever-growing) business toolbox. Every person you meet can open a door. I love the idea that – through networking – you could learn something new, see an idea in a different way or just have a giggle with each and every person you come across. And these past few weeks that is exactly what I have experienced. 

    nifty networking  Networking can be defined as “interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts”. It should be treated as any other relationship and needs time and attention for it to grow and thrive. At times when you get out there, the interaction can feel a bit stilted, but if you set a genuine expectation that any relationship can provide you both with some positive actions you can relax and get into it. 

     I do enjoy a natter (well that is good as it is my job!) but networking can be hard if you have spent a few weeks sitting at home talking to yourself (into your mic). So I took the plunge, swapped my “home clothes” for some glad rags and went to three local and regional business networking events, where businesses often meet up to have a chat and share their goods and services. I ended up not just getting to know new people but being offered complimentary theatre tickets, meeting the incoming Mayor and getting a few contacts in the video production and creative design industries. Result! When you have lots of exchanging of information amongst like-minded people in a fun environment, then I would say you are doing some Nifty Networking!

  2. I spent a great day recording a corporate guide 20 min explainer video for a modelling products maker and learnt so much about models. No, not the tall, willowy, painted, blow dried, sashaying sort (though I did work in that field but that is a whole other story). I’m talking about the painted, dried and then put-on-display models such as trains, planes and automobiles. 

     photo (8)  
     What I love about doing this job is that you get to learn about so many areas.  Areas that I wouldn’t have known about before voicing them. How do you create dioramas and landscapes for models used in film sets, for example? Now I can tell you about it and how to use the products to achieve those effects. Brilliant. It was really fun and interesting and I found myself being tested on some tricky chemical words, as well as some positively plosive product alliterations which called for some extreme smiling to work them out.
  3. Having been on the client side for many years, I’ve been on many a photo shoot. “That’s right dear, jump, swish your hair!” So to now be in front instead of behind (well actually it was more by the snack table grazing away) of the camera is nerve-wracking. But the lovely Karen Hatch, fab photographer, made me feel right at home. I’ve used Karen for years, from backstage to front-of-house shoots and launches as well as product shots. Headshots for an actor – I totally get that. But for voice acting? Across mainland Europe, CVs for even the non-creative industries always require headshots to be added. 

    So for voice acting? Yes a definite YES. We’re actors, of the voice. Showcase yourself! Whatever your voiceover focus, the client will definitely want to see you. As a former client on the other side of that glass, I always looked at the images. For anything, even choosing promotional material suppliers. Pictures+ paint = 1000 words – and they give you a sense of the person. In our portfolios it’s another tool to connect with the client. They want a voice to connect to a product, brand or service. Make them hear AND see that it is you they are after!   popart


  4. Last month, courtesy of the wonderful VoiceOver Network, the 5th floor of Waterstones Piccadilly was the venue for an exciting animation event. We all enjoyed hearing Keith Wickham, Dian Perry (as well as their (voice) box of tricks) and Dave Peacock. 

     books  I’ve yet to explore animation – though I am renowned at my former place of work for being able to compete with bats and the Bagpuss mice for my high-pitched squeals if something is (OMG - THAT) exciting! It was a great evening, I learnt loads and met loads of lovely peeps! A big call out to the “newbies” and also to Rachael Naylor for organising it all. Looking forward to the next event!